Mobile Payment SDK

Simplifying payment integration in mobile apps

We are developing Android and iOS Mobile Payment SDKs.

These give merchants and developers an easy way to integrate payment processing into their mobile apps. Built in customizable UI speeds up integration, reduces complexity and cost of app development.

Intended for mobile app developers/merchants who are looking for a fast and easy way to integrate payment processing and comply with PCI DSS SAQ-A.

Support for seamless integration via a card field.

Supported Payment Methods

– Card payments (+3DS 2.2)
– POI/PIA Wire Transactions
– PayPal
– Klarna
– Alipay X-Border
– Przelew24
– Google Pay
– Apple Pay


  • Sensitive data collected according to PCI DSS SAQ-A standard
  • Certificate pinning to avoid MITM attacks
  • Jailbreak/root detection
  • Request signing with SHA256 – WAUTH
  • Code obfuscation (where applicable)
  • Tokenization of payment information

Technical solution

The SDK serves as a wrapper for the Payment Gateway with a PCI V3 compliant native mobile payment form. SDK is naturally developed for the integration into a merchant’s app as a software library where it covers sending payment requests to the Payment Gateway. It uses REST requests constructed by the merchant application sent over HTTPS protocol Payment Gateway end-point where the REST API is exposed.